As Simple As Photoshop

As Simple As Photoshop 6.7

E-book showing the basic and advanced techniques of Photoshop CS3
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As Simple As Photoshop is a video e-book containing a great deal of practical information about how to use Photoshop CS3. It explains the basics and advanced techniques of Photoshop, including the use of filters, layers, effects, actions, and so on. It also contains many "recipes" to be followed for achieving a particular result, for example, how to fix the hair on a portrait, how to make teeth look whiter, an how to perform a "plastic surgery" on an image. The e-book contains many videos and text explanations showing all the steps to be followed in a clear, detailed manner.
The free demo contains only the first chapter with lessons 1-16 and 15 videos explaining the basics of Photoshop: the work area, how to view and save images, and so on, and is enough for you to have a good idea about the rest of the contents. The full version contains 140 chapters and 135 videos with the more advanced lessons. If you are a novice graphic designer, photographer or commercial artist, you may find all the information contained in this e-book very useful.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Clear, full of examples, easy to follow


  • The audio explanations are kind of "robotic"
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