As Simple As Photoshop

As Simple As Photoshop 3.0

Photoshop video-book
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The book is devoted to an original method of a quick but total immersion into the environment of Photoshop. Perhaps you have heard some people saying that Photoshop is very complex. This is partially true; learning all of Photoshop may take you years. The "ASAP" (stands for "As Simple As Photoshop") offers you a faster way. It tells only the things you have to know at the moment, skipping details, as you have lots of time to learn those when (and if) you need them. Another speed-up secret is illustrations. Tutorials are packed with 198 movie clips (total running time: 291 min). So, you needn't choose between a Photoshop book and a Photoshop video any more. "ASAP" is more than just a book and smarter than just a video. It takes you by the hand and shows you around Photoshop, allowing you to combine all possible methods of learning. Just read it, watch it, hear to it and follow it.

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